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Michelle Cox – Founder

Welcome to a place striving to simplify the daily grind of the construction industry! 


OUR GOALS include: Keep our costs going down, productivity up and get ourselves paid faster!


If you’ve been in construction for more than a month, you have had to answer at least 1 of these questions…

  • Where do I find rentals, equipment, legal documents or a local printing shop to send plans for subs to bid.
  • Are these subs out of state qualified and insured? 
  • Who has the best rates for Workers Comp and Liability Ins?
  • What is the licensing requirement for this out of state job I’m bidding?
  • Is my G.C. license reciprocal in other states?  And many more…..

My Story:

After 10 years of owning a construction company and dealing with the stress that came with day to day management,  I found myself constantly “Googling”  to find the answers to a multitude of questions every week.  I would search for various types of sub-contractors, in and out of state.  I would search for specialty materials and pay for items to be delivered from out of state with high delivery costs, only to find there was a supplier a few miles away!  These searches took many of my productive hours and didn’t always yield the best response.  I imagined what it would be like to find ALL items in one place… kind of like Amazon did for retail.  As a result we developed for ALL of your day to day search, job costing and bidding needs.


Today’s Features/Benefits:

  • Save Time and Money by quickly sourcing new suppliers and hard to find specialties where and when you need them; Green, Innovative and more!
  • Build or expand your business with more exposure – be found by hundreds of companies looking for your expertise locally or nationally.
  • Easily find links and documents that you use everyday and answers to questions – quickly. 
  • Become part of a network of verified construction industry professionals.
  • Be a part of an online community seeking to simplify and provide industry solutions.
  • Quickly connect with new project owners, engineers, architects, suppliers and contractors of all types.
  • Trust the Ratings system which provides feedback from real life experience to save more time and money.

Construction is all around us, as in life, there is always something to improve.

The future of is constantly developing. We are open to new partnerships to build on the need for our industry to adopt digital  advancements.  Especially through integrations with software you use everyday and new technology that is easy to use.

Additionally, we want to help the industry advance as a whole.  Research by McKinsey &Co. states….

Materials of the future are redefining how projects are conceptualized, designed, and executed. However, adoption has been slow due to a lack of awareness and familiarity, a limited supply chain and a lack of availability at scale.


We seek to make new materials and products more accessible and affordable to all contractors, so that you can stay competitive in these areas!

  • Green construction. There is an immense push to adopt materials and technologies with lower carbon footprints.
  • Cost efficiency. Given substantial cost pressures, there is a need for structural change in the choice of materials, in addition to incremental lean efforts.
  • Supply-chain agility. Transporting heavy materials and equipment has massive implications on supply-chain costs and time, especially because many new projects are located in remote or dense areas. New techniques and materials are even providing assemblies off site.
  • Improved durability and strength. With capital costs rising and land growing scarce in many markets, owners are insisting that projects have longer commercial lives.

Additionally, the entire industry is being pushed to start integrating technology, but are very slow to adopt what is already out there.  We know that learning new tech (or adding yet another piece of tech) is a chore, so we are starting with the basics and are learning what you really want and need before we integrate it.

McKinsey research also stated…

Other industries have shown that first movers can build a sustainable competitive advantage. In the construction sector, this is also likely to be the case. Over the next decade, these winners of tomorrow will take the lead in technology innovation and digitization. Resisting change is no longer an option. 

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